Lauren and Laura

"As first-time home buyers we were a little nervous about the process. Meeting Amanda was great luck for us and within several tours with her we had found a place to call home. She listened to us very carefully and was extremely responsive to all of our questions and needs. She is also very patient and walked us through this complex, stressful process every step of the way. Do yourself a favor and work with this realtor!" - Lauren and Laura, Oakland

Sara, Tony and Rowena

"When we met Amanda at an open house we were drawn to her positive, warm, and non-judgmental
demeanor. We had just had unpleasant experience with another realtor who left us feeling a little insecure.
We asked Amanda to be our realtor and she was wonderful to work with. She never lost her patience with us.
We had a lot of wants/needs and not a lot of $, which frustrated us and made us frustrating to work with at
times, but Amanda always stayed positive. I would definitely recommend her!"

Sara-Oakland, CA


"She was very attentive to my needs and wants. She gave me great advise and made the stressful home
buying process easier to bear!"

Tylee B Oakland, CA

Maram and Samer

"We met Amanda at an open house and immediately hired her to help us purchase our home. Her sweet and warm demeanor is what drew us in. We could tell she was eager to help us purchase a home and we felt that she was going to actually care about our home placement. The most amazing quality she had (which we value very much) was her communicative responses. She would respond to our texts, calls and emails as soon as she could, and if she didn't know the answer to our questions, she would find out and get back to us right away. From the very beginning, we knew she was in good hands. She was genuine and honest - which is important to us. If we couldn't make something happen (ie. ask for certain contingencies) she would let us know. We knew she was always on our side. Even after the sale, she came to visit us a month later to check on us and see how we were doing. We loved that we never felt like she was a shady car salesmen that was dying for our business. After attempting to buy our first home for years and dealing with several real estate agents and homes that unfortunately fell through, Amanda was a big breath of fresh air. She always had a "we can make this happen" attitude. She was the first (and only) agent to ever ask us to write a letter to the sellers of the home, so they knew who we were and give them an insight of who was going to be purchasing their home. It turns out, the sellers loved our letter (even though we offered an amount below asking price.) We had never even thought to do something like that and were surprised that no other agent had recommended that before. Her positive vibe and her eagerness to succeed was the exact formula we needed. Because of her, we bought our home - we can't thank her enough!"

Samer and Maram-Pleasant Hill, CA


"Amanda is a fairly new realtor, so at first we were hesitant to work with her. We were first-time homebuyers and had been told to use a very experienced realtor. We met Amanda (and her partner, Kelly) at an open house and we liked them. They then started looking for properties for us and kept in touch until they found one that fit our criteria. We had still not signed on with them! They were right: New realtors have to fight the "experience" stigma with extra "hustle." We signed on, and got the property (the first one we bid on)! Amanda and Kelly walked us through the whole process and made sure we were satisfied every step of the way. They even gave us moving boxes and stayed in touch after the official move-in to make sure it all went right! They are also very kind and considerate people -- easy to work with. I highly recommend Amanda (and Kelly)." -Dalya, San Leandro

Monique and Nic

"Amanda is absolutely amazing! She makes everything easier. With her soft voice, her words make you comfortable and puts you at ease if you are stressed about anything. The process of buying a house can be very tedious, stressful, and long but Amanda was there every step of the way.Amanda is very knowledgeable, professional, and very supportive! Anything I needed, Amanda was there to answer the call. Amanda came from Oakland to help my husband and I in Solano County (Vacaville). Talk about supportive of your residents! With our situation it was a little different. After Amanda showed us quite a bit of properties, my husband and I, by the Grace of God, bought a new development home. Because their process was a little different (meaning they had their "own" real estate agents) Amanda was still a helping hand whenever we needed her! We have been homeowners for about 3 weeks now and til this day, I still call her asking her questions! She is the person to call when you want to sell or purchase a home! If I could do 100 stars, I would! Amanda ROCKS!"

Denai & Ian

"Amanda could not have been more helpful or useful in our first home buying experience! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and alleviates a lot of the stress involved with buying a home. Each bump in the road, Amanda took in stride and managed to resolve all issues in an expedited and calm fashion. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough!"


Amanda was wonderful in helping us buy our duplex in Berkeley, I highly recommend her for any potential home buyers. She really helped us out when we were in a bind. We'd had another realtor who was supposed to work with us, but when we told her the price we wanted to offer, she said that it would be "fruitless" and she didn't want to bother. We'd met Amanda briefly at the open house, so we rushed back to ask her to be our realtor, and she was happy to do it. Amanda's judgement turned out to be way better than our original realtor's. She thought our offer was totally reasonable, and we ended up getting the house. She made the process completely painless from start to finish. I really can't recommend her highly enough.

Berkeley, CA

Frednesha & Frank

Amanda assisted us with the purchase our first home, and let us tell you, our experience was AMAZING. Amanda tended to our every need - from putting in our offer, to closing escrow. What we really adored about Amanda was her commitment in finding us the perfect home! She kept us in the loop every step of the way, eagerly and willingly answering all of our inquiries. If you're looking for a genuine realtor with diligence, Amanda is top of the list!

Richmond, CA

Jackie & Nathan

We are thrilled to share our incredible experience with Amanda, who helped guide us through this incredibly difficult market to our first home. We met Amanda at the very first open house that we visited when we were just ‘browsing’. We were immediately comforted by her warmness and patience – and also by how thorough she was in reviewing the whole process with us when we met a few weeks later. She continued to share those same qualities – thorough, patient, and warm – throughout the entire process. Even as changed our mind multiple times about the neighborhood we wanted to live in, the qualities we wanted in a house, and the amount we wanted to spend, and Amanda stuck with us through all of it. During the offer processes, she always had our best interest in mind and was always completely on top of everything. We always commented on how we truly felt like she was on our team the entire time. Amanda has a really keen eye for opportunity. In fact, while we thought that our new home was out of our price range, she kept an eye on it, kept in touch with her contacts, and realized that it was actually going to be within our price range and a great opportunity for us. In the end, we got what feels like a unicorn – a home in a quiet neighborhood with space for our family at asking price! In fact, we were able to negotiate back a credit on our closing costs after discovering a couple of new items in the inspections process. All of this is so rare in the Bay Area, but we stuck it out with Amanda cheering us on the whole way. We feel so lucky to have met her at that first open house! Thank you, Amanda!

Marriah and Jessica

"Working with Amanda was a joy, from our very first home-buyer workshop to the evening that we signed our closing documents. She took care to note all of the features we wanted in our first home. During our shopping process, she was mindful to point out any concerns and include homes that we did not think to review. Amanda was readily available to answer all of our questions and gave more information than we asked for, every time! As a liaison between the seller and us, she made sure to communicate our terms accurately and concisely. We are thankful to have had Amanda by our side while purchasing our first home because she was helpful and informed us about the buying process thoroughly. Glad she is a part of our network and it is a pleasure to share about her expertise! " -Oakland, Ca

Sean and Jessica

"We found the perfect realtor, Amanda Smith, and I hope you do too! My partner started up a conversation with her on a night out, randomly, and it just so happened, Amanda was the perfect person to guide us through the complicated, lengthy, challenging, stressful and confusing process of bidding on a home. I am happy to say that through this process, Amanda became our friend and a person we trust! She was able to remind us, during discouraging times, to keep moving forward. She knew when the time was right, that we would find our home.

We are happy to say that that happened! But not without a lot of mentorship, guidance, and above all, patience from Amanda. She never pushed us to go for a house that didn't seem right.
She took the time to hear about our needs and find locations within our budget (which was difficult). She didn't get discouraged if we tabled our search for a few months or even many months--we worked with Amanda for over a year before we were able to purchase! She stuck with us.

She knows the market and knows what it takes for you to get the right home. She gave us the right advice during the moments when we were scared to take a risk. She is the reason we have the house we have, and one that it fits all our requirements--affordable, cute, with a crawlspace, a garden, and room for improvement (without having to gut the place). I hope you can work with her and see for yourself that she is a realtor that is honest, caring and will always have your back. A person like Amanda is rare. We recommend working with her to anyone!" -Oakland, Ca